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Kor kor [Nov. 2nd, 2007|02:25 pm]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]
[Current Music |L.O.A.D s]

Today is my Bro's brithday. Then out of randomess, i remember the last birthday i celebrated was caleb's brithday.

I wanted to get kor kor something but look at those men's section makes me think of someone again. I want my happy pill. So i shall get myself one. : )

At the end, i really don't know what to get for kor kor. So i decide to give him money. I know that is not very sincere but at least i went to town alone to look for his present. I felt quite sad for myself that day. Sick and yet i insist in going out. I'm too stubborn. I remembered myself crying so badly. I wished someone was there. But of course. Nobody came. Cindy and amanda were with their bfs. But when they know what happened, they wanted to come and find me.

Sometimes i feel so bad when they are with their bfs and they have to come with their bfs to go out with me. Maybe i should learn to go out with myself.

Just me and my bag, water bottle, wallet, camera and ipod. OKay i wondered why i would want to bring camera when i'm alone. Ipod really help me to ease my boreness. 

Oh ya.. seeing all the cuts on my arms and leg. I'm so stupid. Monday i got cuts on my arms then on wed, i got a longer cut on my leg. I'm just so stupid and silly.