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only if you're around [Dec. 3rd, 2007|07:16 pm]
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]
[Current Music |That's how you know]

I just watched enchanted. It was a great movie. The movie song keeps running on my mind. I wanted to watch with someone but i don't think it will happened just like fairy tales.I don't believe in fairy tales but the story line was really good.

Some sentences in that movie touched me but the movie was pretty funny.

I spained foot and it hurts badly yesterday. I felt so lonely. Dad didn't pick up the call. Mummy and kor kor were busy working. I felt so helpless once again. And one message broke me down. It doesn't meant much but it's cold.

Today daddy was supposed to bring me to the chinese physician. I don't know if i managed to describe that correctly. But nevermind. In the end i never go cause he was really tired and i don't want to trouble him. Then when i reached home, my maid didn't cook dinner, Mummy and kor kor aren't at home once again. I felt so angry and upset with myself and i cried. Because i really feel that i'm too weak. It's just a injury and i can't manage it myself. 

First thing that mummy said when she is home was " you never tell her whether you having dinner here or outside!"
She didn't even ask about my my leg and wny i'm crying.

I don't need love and concern anymore. I'm sorry for saying this but i'm in pain.

And only if you're around.. 

I felt so silly cause i have no idea why i love you so much and beyond more what i knew it was. 
I just couldn't let you go when times and times i wanted to and strongly believe i needed to.
The day when he left at the bus stop, tears just couldn't stop flowing out. At least, i managed to be strong in front of him. Cause i know if i breakdown infront of him, it will hurt him too ( not because he loves me but because of what he had done to me. ) and he will avoid me even more.

Happy as friends? I doubt so. Why do i feel more pain than ever..